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Small round table… Big unseen shenanigans.

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Join Unoraptormon and her crazy friends as they talk about random stuff from insane news articles, to politics, to books and video games.

This podcast aims to have a vibe like Joe Rogan Experience mixed with a overarching comedy sketch and supports Freedom of Speech.

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Meet Our Casters


Panamanian Cherokee Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Horror Author. Freelance Animator & Artist and Variety Twitch Streamer. The group’s Front Woman and Matriarch from Alabama.


Ohioan Twitch streamer, resident lurker on Twitter, and master of the arts of committing war crimes on video games. Lives off of spite, caffeine, and sleep. According to Raptor, he’s “the one with the sexy voice.”

DJ Goldie

Asylum Station Rocks Radio Dj. A lover of music and a good time, she’s the group’s little ball of sunshine and chill pill. She brings the good news and food findings.



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